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Sustainable Development

  Bearing is a great invention. It can make the industrial equipment run smoothly so as to reduce energy consumption greatly. That is to say, bearing is a environment friendly product from the very beginning.
   XJH¨s green theory: environment protection is a social responsibility. In every process from R&D, material choosing, manufacturing to sales and services, we should make best use of energy and material, and maintain the sustantial use of resources.
   From the start, XJH has invested much capital in the founding of water filtration circulation system, waste water disposing and reclaiming equipent. So waste water in the manufacturing will be disposed, and reclaimed after it is up to some standards, which acheives zero emission of waster water.
   XJH implements 5S management method in the production works, that is Seirim, Seiton, Safety, Seikeetsu, and Shitsuke. Keep the working environment tidy and clean, and strictly specify the waste objects¨allocation and reclaim, so as to create a healthy woek atmosphere
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